Dan Hartman

A few months ago, late one night, I got a text along the lines of this from my buddy Nate:

"Hey man, I met this guy out on the road...His story is amazing. I want to bring him out to Nashville and do things right. I'll tell you more later. You in?"

Nate is the kind of guy I don't really think twice with, so all I could muster was a one word answer:


Fast forward to a couple weeks ago: there I was, sitting down for lunch at a local pub with the man in the flesh - meet Dan Hartman.

After a moment of introductions and guy-humor-small-talk, I said to Dan, "So man, let me hear your story."

He gently removed the bandana from his head and set it aside, raised his eyes, and began.

I couldn't help but stop and listen...hanging on his words. Major life moments are an understatement for this guy. It doesn't start here, but one notable point of the story is when he explains that by medical standards, he shouldn't be alive. In fact, for 14 minutes some time ago...he wasn't alive. He laid dead on the operating table. Flatlined.

Fourteen minutes.

But he didn't give up. He's here, and he's pouring it all out in his gut-wrenching lyrics, and delivering it with his soothing and soulful voice.

Thanks Dan, for not only sharing your story, but embracing it. You are truly an inspiration.

Dan filmed a music video and recorded an EP while he was here as well. When those are released, I will excitedly pass them along.


Stephanie Conn said...

Jonathan, Dan is a very close friend of mine and while he was there in Nashville he told me about his photo shoot with you and was ecstatic about it. Dan is the kind of man who comes into your life and leaves a piece of himself with you. I am honored to know him and I am glad he left you touched, as he does most people :) Thank you for giving him the opportunity to shine through your images, you captured him perfectly.

Danielle M. said...

Your pictures truly capture the life in my dear friend Dan. His story and testimony is going to bring hope to people who have none, and his music will move people in a way they've never felt.
Thank you for giving him this opportunity he is an amazing man who was reborn to spread his message and you are helping.